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SWAPPING GIGS: Geek Squad City welcomes Sterling into their ranks

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Louisville, KY (WDRB)- The largest daily gathering of technology geeks in the world happens in Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Sterling Riggs went to in a place where it's not only cool to be a geek, it's a requirement.

Just south of Louisville sits the most discreet technology repair facility in the world. More than 1,200 special agents or technicians are tapped into technology all across the country. Its Best Buy's four acre repair shop where just about anything technology-related is fixed.

Special Agent Scott Conyer cut us in on a few geek secrets. Decked out in the official uniform, the agents are on a mission to fix and turn around electronics in a matter of days. All replacements parts are stored in the facility allowing the agents to fix at least one laptop an hour.

Conyer said, "It's our peak season and right now, we will get 23,000 laptops a week. During our slow times, we will get 17,000. There's always plenty to work on because this building now services the entire US."

Riggs stopped by a work bench to visit with Agent Zachary Steele, who let him replace a laptop motherboard. Steele only works on Lenovo laptops and can almost perform the task with his eyes closed. But Riggs quickly found out that it's a tedious and frustrating job. After about 20 minutes and with some serious help, he finally figured it out.

Before he left, Riggs had to ask about being called a geek. Conyer said, "Geek has really become cool! With all of the technology in the world, everyone is into technology and everyone is a geek to something. For us, we see it as a badge of honor. It's something that we are proud of."




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