LA GRANGE, Ky. (WDRB) --  Senator Rand Paul said President Obama may have acted illegally when he issued several executive orders on gun control. Kentucky's junior senator plans to challenge the president's actions.

The always provocative Rand Paul said Obama may be acting more like a monarch than a president.  "I'm very much against the use and the abuse of the Executive Order," said Paul.

Rand Paul told a friendly audience in largely Republican Oldham County that President Obama may have overstepped his bounds with his executive orders on gun control.

He said one order actually violates the president's own Affordable care Act, which prohibits doctors from reporting about whether their patients own guns. "Now, he's reversing that. We think he's overturning his own legislation by executive fiat, and that's against the law. We will fight him on these things," he said.

Paul says that fight will take the form of a bill he plans to introduce in the Senate -- a bill that would overturn any presidential order that, in effect, creates new law -- a power reserved for Congress.  "What my bill would do, would say, is that if amounts to legislation or if it contravenes the Second Amendment, then it would be null and void and that would have standing to sue over that," said Paul. 

In an interview earlier this week, Paul claimed the president may be acting more like a monarch or a king. He did not back off that today:  "If he is attempting to legislate, that is unconstitutional. And it has been decided by the court before that the president cannot legislate. It's also fundamentally part of how our government was founded," he said.

Bottom line, Paul says, he does not believe mass shootings can be prevented by gun control.

"The people who do all these shootings die in the end, and they don't care about the law against murder.  So they are not people who are deterred by law. I'm deterred by law, most of us are probably deterred by law, but the criminals aren't."

Paul says, while it's not a perfect solution, he also believes that schools should have the option of allowing some teachers to be armed.

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