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Jury finds Dale Bagshaw guilty of murder

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JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A jury convicts Dale Bagshaw of murder, for the stabbing death of his wife Kelly, in November of 2011.  The jury returned to the courtroom about 7 p.m. Friday, after an hour and a half of deliberations.  It earlier had heard closing arguments in the case.

As Bagshaw left the courtroom, he spoke to WDRB photographer Jim Zorn.

"Anything you'd say to your wife's family or your kids if you could see them right now," Zorn asked.

"My kids? I love them and I miss them," Bagshaw replied.

When asked if he was sad for what he did, Bagshaw replied "I'm sad I lost my family".

That was the last thing he said as he got into the elevator.

"It was very emotionally taxing on the family and the witnesses. I think this was the appropriate verdict. I'm very satisfied," says prosecutor Jeremy Mull.

Many of Bagshaw's family members were emotional as they left the courtroom.

Families on both sides of the case were emotional in and out of the courtroom. Dale Bagshaw's 17-year-old son Joshua Bagshaw told WDRB's Tamara Evans that he whispered, "I love you" as his dad left the courtroom. He said "No matter what my dad did he's my dad and I love him no matter what and I'm going to be there for him. I love him".

Kelly Bagshaw's sister says the trial was emotional for all family members involved.

"There are no words to describe how hard it's been on both families. It's been really hard," says Terry Clark, Kelly Bagshaw's sister.

She says she expected the guilty verdict, but it's still hard to hear.

She will continue to raise Kelly and Dale Bagshaw's two children, and says even with the verdict, it doesn't give the family closure.

"Because whether he got murder or manslaughter, I'm still not going to have my sister," says Terry Clark.

Prosecutors want to see Bagshaw sentenced to 65 years in prison.  A judge has scheduled a sentencing hearing for March 4.

His lawyer says they will file a notice of appeal.

Bagshaw's attorney had argued for a lesser conviction of manslaughter in the case.

In a recorded police statement, Bagshaw admitted to stabbing his wife Kelly to death in November of 2011.

It happened at his Jeffersonville apartment.  They had been married for seven years.  Bagshaw said he had been told by his seven-year-old daughter that his wife was talking to another man.  They had a fight inside the car, the phone rang, they struggled over the phone, and Bagshaw says that's when the stabbing happened.

Bagshaw says he had a blackout.  Prosecutors say Kelly Bagshaw was stabbed more than 60 times. 

Prosecutor Jeremy Mull tells WDRB News, "The witnesses said she was slaughtered.  That's what the jury needs to bring their mind back to, not Dale's problems and Dale's hard life, but about Kelly and the death she died."

Defense attorney Perry McCall said, "Dale Bagshaw would not knowingly, intentionally do an act that would take him away from his children.  And if Dale Bagshaw would not knowingly, intentionally commit murder, it has to be something else."

Earlier, Bagshaw's lawyers were trying to have another expert psychiatrist thrown off the case.  That doctor had evaluated Bagshaw in the past 48 hours and found that he was sane when he allegedly stabbed his wife to death.

Questions about psychiatrists' potential conflicts of interests delayed the case for two days this week.

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