LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---At one point, sections of I-65 , I-71, and I-64 were all shut down on Friday due to accidents.

The conditions left some towing companies busy.

Leo Leguire, a Michigan resident, was one of the people who had to call a towing company for help.

He says a vehicle went through a stop sign and hit him. He said the icy conditions played a part in the crash.  

"When he t-boned me, jack-knifed a truck and then a car hit me on the other side," says Leo Leguire.

While he escaped the accident uninjured, his truck on the other hand took a hit.

This was also the case with many other vehicles on Friday morning.

Fender benders were reported across the area.

"Actually rush hour was fairly calm, and I think traffic kind of picked up after rush hour which was a surprise," says Stephen Strong, the Operations Manager with Suburban Towing.

"Hopefully minor fender benders and stuff but a lot of people needing some type of roadside assistance," says Roger Boyd, the Director of Public Affairs for AAA.

Roger Boyd says AAA responded to hundreds of calls for help in the Louisville area.

He says with icy roads, it's important drivers simply slow down, or even make other plans.

"See if you can't delay your trip until the people out there working so hard to get those roads cleared and de-iced, give them a chance to do their jobs," says Roger Boyd.

Some towing companies, such as Suburban Towing, say the pre-treated roads did make Friday's drive easier for their employees and for drivers throughout the day.

They just encourage drivers to slow down to avoid getting into a wreck. 

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