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Gun activists rally to show support of Second Amendment

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Local people are rallying together in support of the Second Amendment. Many believe the government will take their rights away.

There's a lot of talk at the federal level about putting some restrictions on guns and ammunition. One group believes the government is going too far.

"If we give up any of our rights, it will ultimately be that all of our guns will be taken," said Danny Johnson, organizer.

Bishop Johnson organized the rally at Heart of Fire Church. He wants to steer conversation away from gun violence and talk about gun control.

"Having the right to bear arms, without anyone trying to enforce any kind of restrictions keeps a government a good government, keeps a government honest," said Johnson.

Letha Hooper is a gun owner for two reasons: protection and sport. She says the government is blaming guns for what people do.

"It's not just guns being used for these actions, there are other weapons, there are other things people are doing, so are you gonna take a car away from somebody who killed someone in a car? No," said Hooper.

The group talked about how guns are used to keep crime down, and the government should focus on enforcing laws already in place.

"Our legal system is like a revolving door. So many crimes that are committed, are committed by people that already committed crimes," said Johnson.

They're afraid the government is going to punish everyone in light of recent violence. They say now, more than ever, is when gun owners should ban together.

"This is what our country needs to do its time for our citizens of this country to stand up and say this is what we're tired of," said Hooper.

President Obama has said he will not infringe on gun rights, only implement more gun safety measures.




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