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CRAWFORD | Wanna bet? With Super Bowl you can -- on anything

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LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- When it comes to the Super Bowl, if it moves, there's a line for it. I'm not talking about a line to wait in (though if you're going, there are plenty of those).

I'm talking about a line to bet on.

Forget about the usual -- pointspread, favorite, underdog, over/under.

The Super Bowl brings out the exotics. RJ Bell of sent along some early lines on some of the Super Bowl extracurriculars. In Vegas, they call them "props," bets on unusual things.

For instance, did you know that the over/under the postgame hug/handshake between the Harbaugh brothers is 7.5 seconds?

Or if you're into the national anthem, a $100 bet will get you $110 if Alicia Keys messes up the lyrics. The over/under on her rendition is 2 minutes, 15 seconds and a $100 bet that she gets booed will get you $500 if she is.

Easy money? Number of times the Harbaugh's father Jack is shown during the game is put at 2.5 times. I'd take the over all day, even if Jack does stay home to watch on TV.

Another one that seems low? Times "Harbaugh" will be said during the game. Over/under is 21.5. I'm thinking it'll be more.

Halftime show odds? They have them. A $100 bet that Jay Z will join Beyonce on stage during the halftime show will return $110. Same odds that Beyonce's hair will be straight, not curly.

Looking to make money off misfortune? A $100 bet that any player will get arrested before the game will pay $500 if one does.

Good Lord, there's even an over/under for how many times Ray Lewis will mention the words "God" or "Lord" in his postgame interview (3 times).

And finally, the money ought to be flowing in on the Gatorade bath. The payoffs on a $100 bet if the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach is:

Clear: $200
Orange: $250
Yellow: $250
Blue: $700
Green: $700
Red: $700

Thirsty for more? Visit As for the game itself, her are a few more unusual lines:

Game Props:

Total yards for both teams combined: o/u 745.5 yards
Total 49ers rushing yards: o/u 155.5
Total Ravens rushing yards: o/u 101.5
49ers favored by 5.5 NET YARDS over Ravens

Longest touchdown: o/u 46 yards
Longest Field Goal: o/u 44.5 yards
Jersey Number of player to score first TD: o/u 27.5
Kobe Bryant points favored by 4 over 49ers points
Super Bowl's total points favored by 5.5 over LeBron James points + rebounds + assists
Kaepernick's rushing yards
even money versus
Steve Young's 49 rushing yards (Super Bowl XXIX)

Extreme Scoring?

49ers win by 31 or more points: $100 wins $2000
Ravens win by 31 or more points: $100 wins $4000
78 or more total points in game: $100 wins $1800
Either team shut out: $100 wins $5000

MVP Odds ($100 wins . . . )

Kaepernick: $180
Flacco: $300
Ray Lewis: $700
Gore: $800
Ray Rice: $1200
Crabtree: $1400
Boldin: $1600
Vernon Davis: $1800
Torrey Smith: $2000
Ed Reed: $3300
Alex Smith: $4000
Randy Moss: $5000

Colin Kaepernick:

Attempts: o/u 28
Completions: o/u 18
Passing yards: o/u 235.5
TD passes: o/u 1.5
Rushing yards: o/u 49
Longest completion: o/u 38 yards
Longest rush: o/u 19 yards
Rushing touchdown: 37% chance ($100 wins $160)
300 passing yards AND 100 rushing yards: 7% chance ($100 wins $1100)
Throw 6 or more touchdowns: 1.7% chance ($100 wins $6000)

Joe Flacco:

Attempts: o/u 34
Completions: o/u 20
Passing yards: o/u 250
TD passes: o/u 1.5
Rushing yards: o/u 2.5
Longest completion: o/u 40
Throw an INT? 59% chance ($155 wins $100)
Throw 5 or more touchdowns: 5% chance ($100 wins $1800)
Throw for 500 or more yards: 1% chance ($100 wins $10,000)

Ray Rice:

Attempts: o/u 17.5
Rushing Yards: o/u 68
Longest rush: o/u 16.5 yards
Receptions: o/u 2.5
Receiving Yards: o/u 27
Score a TD: 42% chance ($100 wins $130)
Over 200 yards: 3% chance ($100 wins $2,800)
Frank Gore:

Attempts: o/u 20
Rushing Yards: o/u 83.5
Longest rush: o/u 20.5
Receptions: o/u 1.5
Receiving Yards: o/u 17
Score a TD: 50% chance ($100 wins $100)

Receiving Yards:

Michael Crabtree: o/u 84.5
Anquan Boldin: o/u 70.5
Torrey Smith: o/u 64.5
Vernon Davis: o/u 50.5
Dennis Pitta: o/u 44.5
Randy Moss: o/u 36.5
Jacoby Jones: o/u 21.5
Delainie Walker: o/u 22.5
Ed Dickson: o/u 18.5

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