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POLICE: Louisville man caught stealing from church

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --Police think they've figured out who's behind several break-ins at a south Louisville church.  Both detectives and church leaders think it's an inside job. 

The former drummer at the Kingdom of God Tabernacle on Manslick Road in South Louisville is missing in action.  "He had been with us over a year I'm going to say," says Susan McBride, Church Administrator.

Mcbride says it's because he's beating to a different drum these days.  "The pastor actually came in to pray one evening and actually caught him in here."

McBride explains the church pastor caught the suspect in the act several days ago.  "Actually he was just pretty much wrapping up some things that he wanted to finish off taking."

She says the suspect knew the lay of the land, and after taking microphones, speakers and other valuables...made his way down the hall to her office.

She says, "Just something that you can get some quick money."

And perhaps the quickest money came from the church's checkbook."He took the checkbook and also cash that we had on hand for like a benevolence fund."

Police believe the suspect gave two of checks to Bryan Franklin...who then cashed them at this BB&T bank on west Broadway.  But McBride says, "We've never seen this guy before."

Police eventually arrested Franklin in connection with the stolen checks, but church members say the main suspect, the one who took the checks and actually broke into the church, is still on the lose.

"It was like a little sigh of relief, you know, but again in the back of my mind I'm saying I want the real person that's behind this," says McBride.

After at least 2 break ins the church was able to get some of its equipment back from local pawnshops...but it wasn't cheap. McBride says, "They gave their money up and I guess they assumed if you want this stuff back you all are going to have to pay us...so that's pretty much how it went down."

The checkbook was mailed back to the church this week.  Meanwhile, Metro Police are still actively working the case and expect to make another arrest.

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