LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man is in custody more than a month after police say he shot a man walking out of a local night club.

Reginald T. Fuqua, age 25, is charged with first degree assault.

Police say that on Dec. 9, shortly after 5:30 a.m., Fuqua, who also goes by the aliases "Teazy" and "MurdaStyleTeazy," shot a man one time in the abdomen as he was walking out of The View nightclub on Story Avenue, near E. Main St., in downtown Louisville.

The victim was taken to University Hospital for emergency surgery in critical condition. His current condition is not known.

"He's fighting for every inch of his life right now," activist Christopher 2x said, back in December. "The bullet penetrated his liver, some other organs, and evidently ruptured an artery."

Last month, the victim's family members told WDRB News they believed the reason behind the shooting went back even further.

According to family members, the initial fight started about two weeks earlier at JT's bar on Preston Highway. 2X said there was a music competition going on, where crowd participation determined the winner. If you liked a song, you cheered, if you did not like it, you booed. 2X said the man who was shot apparently showed his displeasure with a certain song. "He was approached by several guys in a group who wanted to challenge him about why was he kind of shooting down their song. And then there was an altercation that occurred where a security car intervened and broke it up," said 2X.

But it was not over. 2X said the fight went to Facebook where words were exchanged. He said another argument broke out between them at The View. "They decided they wanted to get out of there because they didn't want to be there for any more trouble to occur based on the second altercation," he explained.

That's when 2X said the victim decided to leave. "At that point the girl said some car sped up, started shooting at him," said 2X.

He was driving a vehicle when he was shot. "He sped up, hit their car, hit another car and then went into the pole over by Lincoln Elementary School," 2X explained.

Fuqua was arrested Tuesday afternoon. If you have any additional information about this case, call 574-LMPD.

The victim's identity has not been released. His current condition is not known.

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