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WDRB's Super Bowl Predictions

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From the WDRB Sports office --- Super Bowl weekend has arrived, and I've gathered the WDRB Sports Department for our Super Sunday predictions.

At the time this was written, the 49ers are a 4-point favorite over the Ravens, meaning the 49ers need to win buy 5 or more to win that bet (for those unfamiliar).

I won't play dumb. Some of you will place a bet on this game, considering $10 billion will be wagered on the Super Bowl worldwide, including $100 million on the coin toss alone. Some of that money will be in Vegas, and some may just be with your buddies in a friendly Super Bowl party pool.

Keep this in mind: Las Vegas has made money on the Super Bowl in 20 of the previous 22 years. 60% of the money to date has been bet on the Ravens.

So here are our predictions and thoughts on the Super Bowl:


Steve Andress: 49ers 31-23; MVP – QB Colin Kaepernick; "As the resident 49ers fan in the WDRB Sports department, if I call in sick Monday, you'll know why. I think the Ravens will do a good enough job of taking away the read option from the 49ers offense, whether Kaepernick is running the ball or running back Frank Gore. I think the Ravens will have to use an extra safety or linebacker to do it though, meaning Kaepernick will have single coverage all over the field in the passing game. Not enough people give Kaepernick's arm enough credit, having completed better than 60% of his passes, with a better than 3-1 TD-INT ratio.  Jim Harbaugh will unveil play-action off that read option, and Kaepernick will torch the Ravens with his arm."

Eric Crawford: Ravens 21-17; MVP – QB Joe Flacco; "The Super Bowl so often comes down to mistakes that I like the Ravens' veteran leadership and toughness."

Pat Doney: 49ers 28-18; MVP – TE Vernon Davis; "The freak tight end is always a match-up problem and had been underused this season until the NFC title game. I expect that to continue Sunday, as Davis becomes the first tight end to ever win the MVP of a Super Bowl."

Tom Lane: 49ers 27-21; MVP – RB Frank Gore; "A couple of field goals by the embattled former Louisville kicker David Akers helps the Niners claim their 6th Vince Lombardi Trophy."  

Rick Bozich: Ravens 21-17; MVP – QB Joe Flacco; "I'm picking Baltimore because head coach John Harbaugh coached at Morehead St. and Indiana."


Other WDRB newsroom predictions:

Jen Keeney – 49ers 17-14

Chris Turner – Ravens 21-14

Jessica Denson – 49ers 17-10

David Scott – Ravens 31-24

Elizabeth Woolsey – 49ers 24-18

Jessica Demczar – 49ers 32-27

Gilbert Corsey – 49ers 34-27

Danielle Sills – 49ers 30-23

Cara Catlett – Ravens 28-21

Valerie Chinn – 49ers 21-14

Bill Francis – 49ers 27-10

Angelo Edwards – Ravens 20-14

Corey Schroeder – 49ers 28-21

Travis Kircher – 49ers 18-12

Mike Dever – 49ers 24-14

Reed Nelson – 49ers 28-17


More picks from the WDRB office:

April Paulsen – 49ers 52-47

Tom Vickery – 49ers 33-23

Shahara Ross – Ravens 27-21, "because I like the colors black and purple"

Caitlyn Seamen – 49ers 33-21

Beth Proctor – 49ers 37-33

Michael Sizemore – 49ers 21-14

James Reed – Ravens 35-28


To sum it up, 20 of us here at WDRB are picking the 49ers, only 8 of us are picking the Ravens to win, and 19 of those 20 people that picked the 49ers to win also think the 49ers will cover the 4-point spread.

There is one sure fire pick that can't lose Sunday though, as Rick Bozich said today.

"Harbaugh will win."

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