LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Most of the children at one Louisville elementary school don't get healthy food on the weekends.

But this weekend, every student at Wheatley Elementary School will be sent home with a bag of food. It's not just enough to feed them, but their the whole family.

"It is a help. It takes a little load off of you," says Denise Jones, who has two children at the school. She says every little bit helps.

91% of the students at Wheatley are on free and reduced lunch, and 68% of them are homeless.

"In terms of need, the answer to that is absolutely. There is a need," says Annie Haigler, the family resource center coordinator at Wheatley.

The school has found a way to take care of that need for everyone -- not just students.

"This is not a kid program," says Haigler, "This is a family structured program."

Friday afternoon, Haigler and volunteers spent the day loading bags of food to send home with students.

She says help came after a visit from Metro Councilman David James and his wife.

"We were talking about the need for food for the kids here in school, and my wife said we need to find a way to make this happen," says James.

James' next stop was Kentucky Harvest.

He says, "We just really talked to them about the importance of it, and my wife pleaded to them and told them in only a way that a wife can do, and they just couldn't say no."

As a result, all 415 students at Wheatley were sent home with a bag of food for the weekend.

"It's really hard to learn and be motivated when you're really concerned about food," says James.

Jones says, "You always need a little help here and there."

She says it helps in her house, and she's heard the same from other parents.

"They love it. They really do. I see parents every day and they're like, 'What you gave this weekend was really nice and I enjoyed it.'"

The donations will continue as long as Kentucky Harvest provides the groceries.

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