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Massie not in Washington to make friends

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- U.S. Congressman from Kentucky, Thomas Massie, prides himself on ruffling feathers in Washington DC.  In just a few short months the Republican says his voting record proves he's nobody's yes man.

"In the House of Representatives it's a lot like high school, "says Massie.  

Congressman Massie represents Kentucky's 4th Congressional district.  He replaced Geoff Davis in November who resigned abruptly citing family reasons.

"I was frustrated watching Washington DC and by the way I'm almost as frustrated now that I'm there," he says.

Massie's only been in the house for a few months but has already taken a stand against the Republican leadership.   He joined only a handful of Republicans in voting for someone other than John Boehner for House Speaker.

"I thought we needed to go in a different direction with the Republican Party," he says.

He voted against the deal that averted the fiscal cliff.

"We increased spending with the deal and so it was easy for me to vote against it. It perpetuated a lot for Obama's stimulus program and it extended the unemployment out another year or two," he explains.

It was another no for the federal bill for Hurricane Sandy relief.

"The Sandy vote was not about how much of our taxes we're going to spend on Sandy it was deciding how much more money we're going to borrow from overseas countries and how much more we were going to put ourselves in debt," says Massie.

But Rep. Massie says he's not all about rejecting ideas. He's the main sponsor of legislation pushing to legalize industrial hemp.

"This is an economic issue in a time when farmers are looking at tough economic issue we need some kind of economic revival in Kentucky," he explains.  

And he's a strong supporter of second amendment rights.  In response to the Sandy Hook shooting, he introduced a bill that would repeal the gun free school zone act, created in 1990.

"Some people say he wants people to carry AK 47s in their gym bags. That's not what this would do. This would leave it up to the school administrators and local law enforcement what they want to do at their school," he says.

But fiscal issues are what drives him. Massie says he's not against raising taxes but draws his line in the sand against spending.

"Once you've spent the money you're going to tax somebody to pay for it," he explains.

Massie says his goal in Washington is not to make friends but to keep his eye on the commonwealth.

"Frankly, I didn't come here to be received by my peers for how I vote I came here to represent 800,000 people back in Kentucky and that's how I'm going to vote," says Massie.

Rep. Massie will join, Rep. John Yarmuth and Sen. Rand Paul in lobbying for a hemp bill before a Kentucky Senate committee Monday.  Senate Bill 50 would allow farmers to grow industrial hemp in Kentucky if federal restrictions are lifted.

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