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Nothing Wrong With High Standards (2/12/13)

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Fourth Street Live has lowered its dress standards. This is in response to a number of people who feel that they have been discriminated against because of their race and they say Fourth Street used their sloppy attire as an excuse to exclude them. 

Let me say as clearly as I can, no one should be excluded from anything because of their race or religion. I cannot state this more emphatically. 

But I will also say I hate to see us continue to lower our standards. There was a time when men and women dressed up to get on airplanes or to go to dinner, but today jeans are accepted for any occasion. We used to speak a more refined level of English, but today it's nearly impossible for people to put three sentences together without interjecting "like" into one of them. 

We eagerly fill what used to be good thinking time with video games, smart phones, and yes, even television. 

Good manners are increasingly rare. We see more and more people racing toward the lowest common denominator rather than trying to lift themselves to a higher place. 

Fourth Street Live probably had to lower its standards too. I just think it's a shame because when we lower our standards in some areas, it makes it easier to lower them in others like ethics, morals, and dependability.

Do you agree or disagree? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.

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