Louisville, KY (WDRB) -- Fast food for Valentine's Day? People are spending money on flowers, chocolates, and even sliders.

Floral shops are cashing in on this Valentine's Day with teddy bears and dozens of red roses. At Broadway Florist, employees are working against the clock trying to get all the orders finished. The owner says she has 300 flower arrangements on this day alone, that's more than she can get in a whole month.

She even had to sleep in the office overnight and enlist family members to help keep up with the demand for flowers.

At Ghyslain, it's chocolate galore! Handmade and painted chocolates are in high demand.

Garrett Tuggle, the assistant to the General Manager at Ghyslain says, "This is a chocolate stiletto shoe. It's made out of entirely chocolate, hand painted with cocoa butter. It is made of chocolate, so it looks good and tastes good."

Tuggle says, "It's got chocolates on the inside which are really pretty. They are nice looking. It's a really nice looking box."

The shelves had to be stocked again as people rush in to get something sweet for their sweetie and to have a little lunch.

Tuggle says, "For businesses like Ghyslain, this holiday really helps us make through that slump that we get right after the holidays."

But don't expect to get a Valentine's Day reservation at White Castle. The 19 Louisville area White Castles are sold out. The restaurants are actually renamed the "Love Castle" for the evening.

They have menus, cloth napkins and linens, and you'll be served by wait staff. With the smell of onions in the air, people are looking forward to dinner at White Castle.  Last year, there were more than 525 reservations for this candlelight meal. This year, there's a waiting list just to get in.

Larry Powers, the White Castle District Supervisor says, "We really try to pull off that fine dining experience that 50 dollar meal for relatively under 10 dollars for the most part."

The menu includes regular items like sliders, french fries, and onion rings. Couples and families will be here for this fancy dinner experience all in a fast food joint.

Power says, "Unfortunately, we are booked for this year. So I would just urge everybody to start calling early next year. We're trying to expand on it every year as it continues to grow and it's just a really fun time for everybody."

If you don't have a reservation, you're still in luck. The drive-thru and restaurant counter service are still available.

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