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The Courier's Thin Skin (2/19/13)

The Courier-Journal's lone local conservative columnist, John David Dyche, has decided to quit after the paper refused to run one of his recent submissions.

The points made in the censored column were no different from the many conservative stands Mr. Dyche was allowed to voice during his nearly ten years with the C-J.  But you see, this time it was personal.

This column suggested changes the Courier might make in order to gain more credibility with its audience – and maybe more profitability. And, not surprisingly, it called for more openness about the political affiliations of the paper's editors,  a clearer separation of its editorial and news staffs and a more balanced presentation of liberal and conservative views.  

Hardly earth-shaking ideas. The presence of liberal bias at the Courier is obvious to anyone who reads it – on the right or left. But being taken to task in their own pages was apparently more than the C-J editors could stand.  They could look the other way as long as Dyche's columns criticized President Obama, Congressman Yarmuth or Governor Beshear. But once they became the target of his barbs, they had to nip it in the bud.

Columnists shouldn't have any sacred cows, much less work for one. So Dyche had little choice but to resign.

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