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Yarmuth expects only part of the president's gun control to pass

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Congressman John Yarmuth says he expects just part of the president's gun control plans to pass Congress this year. He sees it as a start in efforts that re-awakened the nation and Louisville's interest in gun violence issues.

Two months after the Connecticut school shootings, preventing gun violence fits into three categories and there's no guarantee they will work.

No one advocated "taking away" guns from legal gun owners, as the school superintendent, the commonwealth's attorney and Louisville's congressman spoke to a St. Matthew's Episcopal Church forum that asked for "sensible solutions."

Yarmuth says universal background checks are likely to pass Congress this year. Some studies show 40 percent or more of gun sales take place without a check.

"There seems to be a bi-partisan interest in getting that portion of the gun safety agenda done quickly," Yarmuth said. "I don't sense that there's been any reduction at all in the energy for doing what we can on the federal level."

Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Wine says it's time to look for people who might be potential shooters -- people who seem disengaged from society, perhaps influenced by violent video and computer games.

"They stayed off to themselves, they weren't a threat. Now all of a sudden there's something that's causing them to act on that loneliness, to act on that anti-social behavior and the ability to act," said Wine.

Loneliness and poor school skills often are hand-in-hand. Kate Cunningham is trying to pay attention by helping young readers at her neighborhood school.

"If a child doesn't read by third grade, then they're going to have problems throughout life, and heaven knows what future they might have," Cunningham said.

Superintendent Donna Hargens says renewed school safety plans also encourage "telling someone" about a threat.

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