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Indiana fire victims find wedding ring among the rubble

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Walking around the place where home once stood for Matt McAfee, is a reminder of what his family has been through.

"It's heartbreaking. It's eight years of your stuff and 15 years of our marriage that was in here," says Matt McAfee.

Items that made up the Memphis, Indiana home are now unsalvageable.

When the family escaped a fire on Friday, they grabbed the kids and the clothes on their back.

Personal items were left behind.

"My cousin was here and her hand was right there, and I was like, I just immediately lost it. My wedding ring was inside. I don't always have it on," Trisha McAfee said as WDRB interviewed her after the fire.

For several days, they searched for that wedding ring.

Then, on Wednesday while Trisha McAfee was working, her husband made the discovery.

"Found a chunk we couldn't move out...and ended up prying it out and it was a drawer," says Matt McAfee.

Stuck to the plastic inside the drawer was the ring.

It's a little black from the smoke, but still intact.

Her husband posted a photo on Facebook of the ring, saying "Will you Marry me Again?" He then went to her workplace to surprise her.

It's a new beginning for the couple, with a piece of the past.

"If I found anything, this is what I wanted to find," says Trisha McAfee.  

If there is one good thing to come out of the fire, the ring would be it.

"I have the best husband in the world," says Trisha McAfee.

It's something Trisha McAfee says she doesn't plan to lose again.

"He did ask on the Facebook page if you would marry him again?" WDRB's Tamara Evans asked.  

"Absolutely. Absolutely," Trisha McAfee replied.

"Our marriage, to us, is strong, and this is a symbol of it," says Matt McAfee.  

Several years ago, Trisha McAfee lost her original wedding ring and it had to be replaced.

When her home caught fire on Friday, she was once again without a ring.

The family says they do plan to rebuild their home in the same location, and are temporarily staying with family.

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