Elizabethtown, KY (WDRB) -- One infant is dead, another is hospitalized. Both cases happened on the same day within hours of each other.

An Elizabethtown father, 21-year-old Barry Williams Junior, is now behind bars accused of shaking his six-month-old baby girl to death at his apartment.  On Tuesday, police say the baby was taken to Hardin Memorial Hospital for a severe brain bleed and was later transported to Kosair Children's Hospital where she died.

Police say Williams told them he had dropped the baby after a bath, but later admitted to police he shook her because she wouldn't stop crying.

Officer Virgil Willoughby with Elizabethtown Police says, "There were other injuries that I really can't get into at this point in time because the case is ongoing but just very tragic that something like this happened."

Right now, Williams has been charged with first degree assault, but more charges are expected. Police say the mother is a 17-year-old and had shared custody of the child, but did not live with him.

A couple from Elizabethtown has been charged after police say they abused their three-month-old son also on Tuesday. 

19-year-old Jessica Capponi and 18-year-old Alexander Irwin were arrested after hospital officials alerted police. Doctors at Kosair Children's Hospital say the baby boy had a skull fracture, broken ribs, several bruises and was extremely malnourished. Police say he weighs eight pounds now, about four ounces less than he did when he was born.

Willoughby says, "According to both parents, they really don't understand what they've done was wrong. 18 and 19 years of age, obviously very very immature and why anybody would treat a child this way is beyond me."

Irwin and Capponi are charged with criminal abuse. Irwin is also charged with assault.

Willoughby says, "I was told today that child is still in intensive care. Child is eating and hopefully in next day or two will be on a regular floor."

Police say the baby was last at the doctor when he was a few days old. They also say he had injuries to his body that were in different stages of healing.

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