Louisville, KY- (WDRB) -- White Castle sliders have been featured in Hollywood movies and music videos. So Sterling Riggs decided to try to work the griddle to see if he could handle the heat and keep up.

If you think working at a fast food restaurant is an easy job, you might want to think again. Last week, the employees at White Castle on 1st and Market streets cranked out 23,000 sliders.

White Castle District Manager Larry Powers described working the lunch time crowd as "organized chaos." There's no time to stand around at chat.  He threw Sterling right in the mix on the griddle to get a little taste of the action.

Powers started with White Castle working the griddle 31-years ago. He now manages ten stores but can really move, when an order is up and showed us how it's done.

The perfect slider starts with onions on the grill. Once the onions are good and brown, throw on the meat patties with a dash of seasoning and give the patties several minutes to cook. There's is a specific technique used for every step of the process.

"You have to practice to get better at it" said Powers. It's not as easy as Larry makes it look. Sterling tried to fill a crave case of 30, and it took him about 5 minutes. Most experienced employees can crank out 30 sandwiches in a minute. It was evident that speed is not Sterling's specialty.

At the end of a one hour shift, he was able to hand a little heat in the kitchen. But before he ever become a true employee of the first fast food chain in America, Powers says Sterling would have to go through the restaurant's 30 day training program. For my first stab at it, he said Sterling did pretty well. He just needs to work on his speed.