We already knew the battle for Mitch McConnell's Senate seat next year would get ugly. But the liberal super-PAC "Progress Kentucky" has taken things to a new and despicable low. They've accused Senator McConnell's wife Elaine Chao, a Chinese-American, of somehow being responsible for the loss of American jobs to China. They've also made allegations that campaign donations from Chao's family have helped buy state elections.

These attacks on Ms. Chao's ethnicity are not just offensive, but ridiculous. I've met Senator McConnell's wife, and you won't encounter a more intelligent, accomplished and kind woman. Throughout her long public career, she's served the nation as Director of the Peace Corps, President and CEO of United Way and, most recently, Secretary of Labor.

Oh, and she's lived in America since 1961 - when she was eight years old.

Ms. Chao isn't just an American citizen - she's demonstrated her commitment to America in more ways than most of us could ever hope to.

Happily, these offensive remarks have been condemned by many prominent Democrats who recognize when political rhetoric has crossed the line into race-baiting. But unfortunately, the condemnation hasn't been universal. And the super-PAC's alleged "apologies" have been insincere at best.

Everyone - no matter how they feel about Senator McConnell - needs to reject such offensive tactics, and make it clear that there's no place in Kentucky politics for these kinds of despicable attacks.

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Attacking Elaine Chao - Crossing the Line (3/5/13)