LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Fairdale, Ky. woman is facing multiple felony charges after police say she was driving under the influence and caused an accident in St. Matthews.

According to an arrest report, 25-year-old Kristen G. Lafave was driving near the intersection of S. Hubbards Lane and Shelbyville Road shortly before 5:30 Thursday afternoon, when she caused a car accident.

When officers approached the accident scene, Lafave allegedly had slurred speech and was "extremely lethargic," with glossy eyes and the smell of alcohol on her breath.

Police say she had trouble keeping her head up while talking to an officer.

When an officer asked her if she was on any medication, she allegedly said "no." Police then asked her to step out of her vehicle so they could perform a test, but Lafave allegedly declined, telling them "she was drunk."

An officer then told her to get out of the car because she was under arrest, but Lafave refused, according to the arrest report. Police had to physically remove her from the car, "yelling and kicking." Police say she refused to get in the officer's car, and kicked the officer several times as she was being placed inside.

When she arrived at Metro Corrections, Lafave managed to slip the handcuffs off of one of her wrists, police say.

Police say they found prescription medication inside her car.

Lafave was arrested and charged with two counts of wanton endangerment, assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, failure to maintain required insurance, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs and driving without a license in her possession.

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