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Allergist Gerald Lee, MD explains the best way to tackle spring allergies

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Are spring allergies already hitting your family? Dr. Gerald Lee joins us to explain the number one problem in Louisville, the best way to prevent exposure and the final solution that could give you relief.

Spring comes early to Louisville - pollen is often detectable before most monitoring stations even start collecting data

Pollen from trees are the predominant outdoor allergen.

Increasing humidity also promotes indoor allergens such as dust mite or mold.

Ways to reduce pollen exposure:

-keep home and car windows closed and run air conditioner;

-take shower before going to bed to remove pollens;

-watch pollen counts and avoid outdoor activity during very high pollen counts (National Allergy Bureau website: ) can get email alerts sent to you on high pollen days.

-Wear a mask while mowing the lawn (prop: N95 mask)

-Medications that help:

-antihistamines: cetirizine, loratadine, and fexofenadine are generic, over the counter, and quite inexpensive if purchased in bulk

-Nasal saline rinse: best if used twice a day, prior to nasal sprays, before going to bed are good times, also when coming in from outside to rinse pollen out of your nose. Use boiled or distilled water, not tap water.

-Eye drops: ketoifen is generic and over the counter.

-The best medication is a steroid nose spray - fluticasone (flonase) is generic, needs a prescription

-Finally, getting allergy tested can help identify what your triggers are and allergy shots can be given to reduce your sensitivity to pollen


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Gerald Lee, M.D.

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