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Sometimes the News Isn't Pretty (3/12/13)

Listening to a confessed rapist/murderer calmly describing his horrific crime during a televised interview with local media members last week couldn't have been easy for anyone – me included.  But with that said, it was news. And I strongly disagree with those who condemned  the local TV stations – including WDRB -- for airing the interview.

It was a significant piece of a story we'd been closely following up to that point.  Killers are seldom willing – or allowed by their lawyers -- to sit in front of cameras and not only admit to the crime before trial, but tell us what he was thinking and how he did it. From that, perhaps we can gain insights for the future.  And, of course, everything in his confession will be used against him in court and perhaps save the victim's family from having to relive it all during a trial.

Believe me, I had mixed feelings about airing his comments.  But there was really no choice.  This was right from the mouth of the killer and does bring some closure to the story.  Could we have edited it differently?  Of course.  Would it have made it a better story?  I'm not sure.

We reported the murder and we reported the arrest.  We wouldn't be much of a news organization if we ignored the killer's confession in a case as prominent as this one. 

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my…Point of View.

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