LOUISVILLE, KY (WDRB) -- Helping small businesses to succeed in the global economy.

That's the mission of SCORE, a national nonprofit organization that works with small businesses to improve their bottom line.

One local business owner has joined the organization's national board.

"In any business you need mentors and advisors and people who can help you," says Rob Waite, vice chairman of Drexel Metals.

Waite is also a member of the SCORE Board.

He has helped to build Drexel into a highly successful business here at its Louisville headquarters, but has four other operations in other cities including Denver, Colorado.

The company supplies the materials used in metal roofing.

Business is good, so Waite wants to reach out and help others.

"I was very intrigued with what the organization did to help small businesses develop and grow and become big business," says Waite.

On Tuesday, Waite was taking the national chief executive officer of SCORE, Kenneth Yancey, on a tour of Drexel's operations just off Poplar Level Road on Gardiner Lane.

Yancey was impressed with the Louisville business and the SCORE chapter in the Louisville area.

Its volunteers work with local entrepreneurs to help them with their businesses.

"We have over 90 volunteers in the Louisville chapter," Yancey told WDRB News, "and those volunteers helped to start more than 350 businesses in this market and helped to create more than 800 jobs."

One of the major challenges facing small businesses today is the difficulty in obtaining credit.

"We have a lot of clients that need working capital," Yancey says, "in order to grow their sales to add products, to add markets and it is just very difficult to find that right now."

Waite says keeping customers satisfied in a competitive business environment is also a major challenge for small businesses as customers are often quick to find an alternative.

"In this environment people want things last minute," explains Waite, "and we have to be prepared to adjust quickly, I think that is a challenge for all businesses."

SCORE  and its many volunteers are willing to step in and give advice and assistance to meet those challenges.

"That is one major thing SCORE does for small businesses," says Waite, " it kind of becomes their informal board of advisors.

If you are a business owner who would like to get in touch with SCORE, visit its website at www.score.org.

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