Louisville, KY (WDRB) -- Two open houses have now been held for residents to learn more about the East End Bridges project. Hundreds of residents showed up on each occasion.

At Wednesday night's meeting, WDRB News learned Hoosiers have varying opinions about the bridge going up.

The East End Crossing is set to run right through the middle of Lee James' property.

Construction is currently only a few yards from his home and he says every day it moves closer.

"It's already getting aggravating compared to what it's going to be," said Lee James, who lives on Old Salem Road in Utica.

James says it pains him to think about losing half his property to make way for the bridge but he says it's something he's going to have to live with because moving isn't an option for him.

Moving may not be an option for Lee but he attended tonight's meeting to ask project managers what other options there are. He wasn't satisfied with what he learned.

Others tell WDRB News they've waited their entire lives for this bridge.

"I've just been waiting on it for 60 years and it's finally coming on," said Utica resident Mike Davis.

To learn more about the Ohio River Bridges Project, click here.

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