LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Behind the scenes moments before a rock concert is just what you might imagine. It's loud with sound checks going on and crew members are rushing around trying to get things ready for the show. It's chaotic but organized.

"There's a lot of pressure in this. Jon demands perfection. Anything less and you get a little chewing out," Backline Crew Chief Mike Rew told WDRB News.

Our backstage pass was for the sake of education. Six students from Bellarmine University were selected to join the stage crew for an experience of a lifetime.

"We got to participate in the media spot so we get to go in the pit and film and do some vocal recording, said Bellarmine Senior Victoria Reibel.

Most of the students are interested in either production management or the public relation side of things.

"We get to be managers basically and P.R. people to help with V.I.P. parties and getting this experience ready for the fans," said Bellarmine Senior Connor Galle.

Not every band invites students to get this backstage treatment. Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora tells us it's important for young adults to be exposed to road life.

"I did that when I was in college. You get to see the inner workings. They get to see what actually goes on. There's this mystique about what goes on backstage. It's a work environment. There are tools and people doing their jobs just like people do every day. Everyone takes it very seriously," Richie Sambora told WDRB News.

Bon Jovi travels with 65 crew members. It takes 18 semi trucks to haul their equipment. The students say this experience has changed their perspective when it comes to concerts.

"Just the enormity of it all. Everything that has to go into putting one of these productions up. It's just awe-inspiring," said Bellarmine Sophomore Walter Parker.

Several of the students belong to the Bellarmine radio station or newspaper and are putting together stories of the experience.

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