LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The now-closed Lynn's Paradise Cafe is for sale.

WDRB Reporter Bill Francis spoke with Lynn Winter by phone Friday morning about rumors that she plans to reopen the restaurant.

Winter agreed to a telephone interview saying she wanted to put those rumors to rest.

"Because of the rumors, it was really necessary to let people know that I am selling the business," Lynn said. "But I won't be opening it up, but I do believe its next evolution in what it's going to be is going to be carried through by someone, hopefully, and I believe, better than me."

A month after the restaurant closed on Feb. 15, the restaurant's furnishings and quirky decorations were still intact.

Friday afternoon, outside the restaurant in the parking lot, crews were continuing to clean some of the restaurant equipment.

"Right now we are shining it up for the next buyer because it has been my baby for so long I want it to be perfect to pass it on," says Winter.

She says she has been a little taken aback by the public's reaction to the closing.

"It is amazing, because for me, I have very deep feelings about the place," says Winter, "but it is wonderful to see the outpouring of love we felt."

She says it is possible that the name of the restaurant could remain "Lynn's" even under a new owner.

"I don't have a strong feeling either way," she adds, "the most important thing is that it gets into the right hands."

Winter declined to say why she closed after 22 years, alluding to a previous statement she released saying it was time to move on and pursue other interests.

But she says we likely haven't heard the last from her.

"Oh, I think I will be in other ventures for sure. I think that is a given. I don't think they could keep me under a rock," Winter says.

But she added that whatever she does, it will not be in the restaurant business.

She says she has never sold a business before, so she had no idea whether to expect a quick sale.


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