LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- According to a recent survey, Louisville ranks third in the nation when it comes to attracting young entrepreneurs.

What makes Louisville so appealing?

Small business owners tell WDRB that location is key when it comes to setting up shop, but there are other factors involved when it comes to keeping them around.

Chamber members called Louisville a triple threat city at the GLI 2013 annual meeting on Tuesday night.

What they're referring to are attractions like art, culture and food: the things that increase a city's overall appeal.

"With the universities, the startups here, the number of fast growth companies, it's good to see we're holding our own," said Bobby Ferreri, Executive Director of Enterprise Corp.

The media publication Under30CEO recently surveyed and came up with the best cities for young entrepreneurs. Louisville took third.

It's right up there with Austin and San Francisco, which doesn't come as a surprise to many people.

"I think that the city is getting so much national recognition that it can only go up and there's going to continue to be a drive to open new businesses," said Leslie Bowers, owner of Peace of the Earth.

Leslie opened her shop in Louisville's Nulu neighborhood about a year-and-a-half ago. She says she's had the city's support from day one.

"Louisville has a lot of support for people opening businesses, mainly with LIBA which is the Louisville Independent Business Association. A lot of people know it by the "Keep Louisville Weird" bumper stickers. They do a lot to help businesses," said Bowers.

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