LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---The bags are packed that contain everything Jeremy and Meredith Kruer's newly adopted children will need for their trip to the United States.

"His coming outfit is going to be his UK outfit," says Meredith Kruer, holding up some clothes.  

This Shelbyville family started trying to adopt from Ethiopia in December of 2011 through Lifeline Children's Services.

"It was the right choice for us and our family," says Meredith Kruer.

They wanted a healthy infant, but 6 months later after speaking with another local family, that changed. 

"They had a little boy who was HIV positive, and we decided that could be something we're interested in, so we changed our criteria at that point," says Meredith Kruer.

That decision led them to 2-year-old Judah Sisay and 6-year-old Enatu.

The brother and sister are both HIV positive.

"My first reaction was, that's really great, but I could never do that because I could never bury my own child," says Jeremy Kruer.

However, the more this family learned about the disease, the more they wanted to adopt the kids. They say they are normal children who needed to be adopted.

"It wasn't their choice to have HIV, it's not their fault they have HIV, and they have every right to have a family as much as anybody else," says Meredith Kruer.

Lyndsey Williams, an International Social Worker for Lifeline, says more people are opening their eyes to this.

"Because they realize these children might not have a chance otherwise," says Lyndsey Williams.

In Jeremy and Meredith's case, they know it will include regular check-ups at the doctor and medicine.

"We take vitamins every day. They'll take medicine every day. It's no big deal," says Jeremy Kruer.

It's something they say is worth it.

They're already preparing to adopt a 15-year-old girl from Ethiopia by the end of summer.

But for now, the focus is on little Judah Sisay and Enatu.

"Hopefully, maybe one day there will be a cure, and if not they'll stay on their medicine and live a pretty happy normal life, so we're excited," says Meredith Kruer.

The family leaves to travel to Ethiopia in early April. They plan to return home with their newly adopted children on April 13th.

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Lifeline Children's Services will soon hold a fundraiser and awareness event in Louisville.

It will be held at the Woodhaven Country Club in Louisville on Tuesday, March 26th at 7:00 p.m.

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