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Basketball Mirrors Reality (3/21/13)

Like many of you, I was sorry the Kentucky Wildcats were left out of this year's NCAA tournament. If I had my way, the defending champion school would get a guaranteed bid every year. But unfortunately, the NCAA hasn't sought my advice.

There's no question however that this year's Wildcats did fail to live up to their potential, and it's interesting to compare that underachievement with the tremendous success UK enjoyed just a year ago.

It seems the difference is that while last year's champions were all incredible individual talents, they sublimated their personal egos, accepted direction from their coach and came together as a whole that was much greater than the sum of its parts.

But this year's edition of the Wildcats seemed to play for personal glory and never mastered the concept of team. And as a result, they were college basketball's equivalent of a beautiful yacht with a broken rudder.

This kind of group dysfunction also seems to afflict most of our elected officials. While they should -- and could - be working together to improve the state or the nation, most abdicate that responsibility in favor of playing power games that feed their own egos. Everyone wants the MVP trophy, but no one cares if the team fails.

As the Cats discovered this year, that's no way to run a basketball team. And it's certainly no way to run a legislature.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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