DAYTON, Ohio (WDRB) – Sign of the times. Sitting at breakfast in the media hotel for the Dayton Regional. A couple of wags came into the restaurant. They were feeling good about their NCAA Tournament brackets. Really good.

Then I asked them a question:

Did you hear that New Mexico lost?

"New Mexico lost?" said one guy, a former NCAA Tournament coach.

You bet.

"To who?"



Harvard, 68-62. Ivy League Madness. Rumor has it that some people had New Mexico in the Final Four. (My condolences to Doug Gottlieb of CBSSports. Had Tony Snell as his tournament breakout player. He went 1-for-6 from three, scoring nine points. Also had New Mexico in the Final Four. It happens, Doug. Been there, done that.)

Play on. And take another look at your tournament bracket. How are you doing?

Well, I hope.

I can only say that I had one of my best days ever Thursday, picking 14 of 16 games on the brackets that the sports team submitted  on Sunday night. Didn't trust Pittsburgh or Oklahoma State.

That only means one thing: I'm guaranteed to miss at least 10 games today. Maybe more. The luck and fortunate bounces don't last forever.  The bracket always wins.

Here is the WDRB scoreboard after Thursday:

Pat Doney – 10-6 (missed Missouri, Pittsburgh, New Mexico, UNLV, Montana, Davidson).

Tom Lane – 10-6 (missed Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh, Belmont, New Mexico, UNLV, Davidson).

Steve Andress – 11-5 (missed Missouri, Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh, New Mexico,  Montana)

Eric Crawford – 12-4 (missed Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh, New Mexico, UNLV)

Rick Bozich – 14-2 (missed New Mexico, UNLV)

You can find all the brackets here:

Happy Day Two. And best of luck.

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