LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Jefferson County Circuit Court jury has acquitted a man charged with torturing a dog to death.

On Wednesday, a jury found Kenneth Mahoney, Jr. of Fairdale not guilty of torturing a dog with serious physical injury or death after deliberating for roughly 30 minutes, according to Leland Hulbert, a spokesman for the Commonwealth Attorney's Office.

Police had alleged that on the night of Feb. 26, 2012, Mahoney took his own beagle out of its kennel and, a short time later, drove down his driveway with the dog tied to the bumper of his vehicle by a red cable.

Mahoney's driveway was roughly 100 yards, according to the original arrest report.

Police said that when Mahoney turned from his driveway, the beagle went flying into a ditch. A witness allegedly saw what happened and scooped up the dog.

"He felt a heartbeat, but the beagle died shortly after," police said in the report.

Police said Mahoney returned about 30 minutes later and asked the witness for his dog. By that time, the witness had called Louisville Metro Animal Services. Mahoney later admitted to tying the beagle to his bumper, according to the arrest report, and when he was read his rights, he requested a lawyer.

He was arrested at the time and charged with torture of a dog and tampering with physical evidence.

As noted above, the jury found Mahoney not guilty on all charges Wednesday. Hulbert told WDRB News the difficulty in the prosecution's case was proving that Mahoney killed the dog intentionally.

Mahoney told the jury that he forgot the dog was tied to his vehicle when he drove off, and that he killed the dog accidentally, according to Hulbert.

The jury found in Mahoney's favor, and he has been cleared of all charges related to the incident.

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