DAYTON, Ohio – Bracket problems? Too much faith in Georgetown? Me, too. Convinced that Wisconsin would be around into next week? Put all your hope and prayers in the Big East?

I can relate.

NCAA Tournament bracket reality smacked me in the face Friday. I believed in Georgetown. No way the Hoyas could lose in the first round of the NCAA Tournament for the fourth consecutive year. Bo Ryan was voted Coach of the Year in Big Ten. He's not supposed to lose to Ole Miss.

But enough whimpering. On to the results for the WDRB Sports Team.

Tom Lane – 11-5 Friday, 21-11 overall (missed Wisconsin, UCLA, Georgetown, N.C. State, Colorado).

Pat Doney – 10-6 Friday, 20-12 overall (missed Kansas State, Villanova, N.C. State, Colorado, Oklahoma, Georgetown).

Steve Andress – 11-5 Friday, 22-10 overall (missed Wisconsin, Kansas State, Notre Dame, Villanova, Georgetown).

Eric Crawford – 11-5 Friday, 23-9 overall (missed Wisconsin, Kansas State, Georgetown, N.C. State, Colorado).

Rick Bozich – 11-5 Friday, 25-7 overall (missed Wisconsin, N.C. State, Georgetown, Colorado, Oklahoma).

Good luck today. Don't change your picks.

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