BORDEN, Ind. (WDRB) -- It's the first time in Borden High School's history that they've played for a state championship and won.

The Borden, Indiana high school basketball team brought the glory home with a 55-50 victory over Triton High School near South Bend. Police and firetrucks escorted the team's bus back to their hometown.

The team was greeted at the school by classmates, families and the many in the small community. That moment is what this high school basketball team has worked very hard for.

Now that the trophy is theirs, all that's left to do is celebrate.

But among the hundreds of screaming fans, we want you to meet Ed Kirchgessner.

He says he's been waiting 81 years for this.

He played basketball for Borden in the 1940s.

On Saturday he was able to watch his grandson, Billy, a senior on the team, bring home the trophy.

"Billy told me, 'Grandpa, I'm going to win it for you,' And he did!" Ed Kirchgessner told WDRB.

"I love that guy [Grandpa]," Billy said. "He loves basketball and loves supporting us, this is pretty cool."

Ed says he's especially grateful to share this moment with Billy because he has pancreatic cancer and wasn't sure if he'd be around come championship time.

"Well I've got cancer, but I'm getting better and this brings me out. I'm going to live for this," said Ed.

"It's the best feeling I've ever felt. I can't really explain it," said Billy.

"The whole team said they were going to win it for me. That's exactly what they did," Ed told WDRB.

"I'm so proud of him. I don't know what else to say. I hugged every one of them a while ago!" Ed continued.

Head Coach Doc Nash credits the team for the win.

"I didn't make any free throws. I didn't get any rebounds. All I did was try and get the kids in the right spots but they made the plays," Doc told WDRB.

Coach Nash says not only is his team made up of good ball players, but good characters all around.


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