LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville mother is aiming to be the missing link for families dealing with a child with autism.  Her mission started by trying to help her own children but took off when she realized how great of a need there was.

"It started with the eldest, Jeremy. He was never like a normal kiddo," says Jasmine Booker.

Booker is a mother of four boys, three of them have autism. The statistics from the Centers for Disease Control are staggering.  Autism affects one in every 54 boys in the United States and one in 252 girls.  As Booker struggled to find answers for her own family she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"That's what made me start BAFOL because I found out that being a part of the community that there's other individuals out here who are going through the exact same thing," she says.

Two years ago she quit her full time job to form the Booker Autism Foundation of Louisville.  She helps families with an autistic child find the finances and resources they need to function day to day.

"A lot of the families don't have the capital to do what needs to be done for their loved on… Those are the areas that I felt like were falling in between the cracks somebody needed to help them out," says Booker.

Right now BAFOL is working to raise money for Aimee Faye.  Aimee was in the hospital for almost a full month getting treatment for severe headaches. Her mother is a single parent with three other children and is struggling to pay her Aimee's medical expenses.

"Four girls trying to take care of them...it's not easy, it's not easy at all and I'm doing the best I can as a Mom," says Kimberly Gonzalez.

"All I'm trying to do is come in and be like that missing link to autism in Kentuckiana," says Booker.

Booker has plans to build a community center for autistic children and start a performing arts program.  But most of all she wants people to know while her sons may be different they are still worthy…

"Don't try to change them, please don't… They're beautiful people to be around they see things in a total different way and its so, so awesome, it really is it's a beautiful thing," she says.

For more information about BAFOL visit: http://www.bookerautismfoundationoflouisville.org/

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