Three years ago, Obamacare was passed into law. I warned then it would raise costs, cut jobs, grow the government, and slow the economy.

I desperately wish I had been wrong.

But the warnings have proved true. What's worse, Obamacare has also become a regulatory nightmare. It has spawned nearly 20,000 pages of regulations -- so far.

When stacked in a pile, these pages reach more than seven feet high. I call it the "Obamacare Red Tape Tower."

If you were a small-business owner, would you be able to read through every page?

I doubt it. And what's more, you shouldn't have to.

Some in Washington cheered the passage of Obamacare as a monument to liberalism.

But it has been a colossal mistake for our country. It needs to be repealed, root and branch, and replaced with common-sense reforms that will actually lower healthcare costs.

To truly help people burdened by rising health care costs, and to help our economy, we must continue this fight.

I'm Senator Mitch McConnell, and that's my Point of View.