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A Refresher Course on the Rules (3/26/13)

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Since we all share a finite amount of space on this planet, we really should have at least some basic rules we can agree on to lessen the inevitable friction that's bound to result from interacting with each other. But the longer I live, the more it seems many people don't have any concept of even the most basic rules.

For example, lines are to be respected - not cut into because you're in a hurry. And that's especially true in traffic. Believe it or not, your time isn't any more valuable than anyone else's.

Also, your trash isn't my problem - it's yours. If you went to the drive-thru for lunch, that resulting bag of trash is your responsibility. Throwing it out the window shouldn't be an option. And anyone caught doing that should be sentenced to 30 consecutive days of picking up trash on our roads and highways.

And how about perfectly healthy people who use someone else's handicapped parking tag to park in a handicapped space? Those tags are issued to an individual, not a vehicle. If it wasn't issued to you, you are not entitled to use it. Got it? If you cheat on this one, you're just a sorry soul preying on the weak.

I'm sure there are plenty of other rules you'd like to see everyone follow for a change. So give us a call and tell us what they are.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.


A Refresher Course on the Rules (3/26/13)

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