LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A spinal cord injury patient says he, too, is the victim of a home contractor who took thousands, but didn't finish the work.

He says the man responsible is the same contractor who police say took more than $100,000 and lost it all at Belterra Casino.

Live-in nurse Tracy Tran says she and her patient were too trusting when they hired Barry Gray to renovate their kitchen and bathroom.

"As you can see, it flips open and just like that," said Tracy Tran, a resident, as she showed WDRB's Valerie Chinn the work she says Gray didn't do. "The door, too, there, wasn't any mudding anything here, it was just slapped on, no door knob, and then the electric outlet wire is just hanging out like that. There is no insulation at all."

"Three months later it's not really done yet," she added. "We kept pushing and pushing it. This is the result of what happened."

Tam Nguyen is bed-ridden. Fourteen years ago, after a car crash, he carried his two friends to safety on his back and found himself with a spinal cord injury. Today, he uses his wheelchair when going to doctor appointments -- and that's why he needed a ramp, and a friend recommended he hire Gray.

They gave him $14,000.

"Nguyen had been saving for six or seven years, but now finds himself spending thousands more to fix the repairs the contractor never finished," Tran said. "There was three or four supporting poles right here. He cut them all off and you can see right here -- that thing just lays on a piece of wood in there without supporting this platform at all, so it could fall off at any time."

One nailed-in white pole is now holding up the entire ceiling -- and the handicapped-accessible shower remains unfinished too.

"He's supposed to put something down here to stop the water from leaking through, then all of this is electrical wiring, he didn't cover it, he just took it down and left it hanging like this," Tran added.

Gray is now behind bars.

The Spencer County Sheriff's Department says he took more than $100,000 meant for home repairs from another person and lost it all at Belterra Casino. The Sheriff says Gray is linked to other incidents in Southern Indiana and Ohio too.

"He keeps telling us he's doing us a favor since the person who paid for it is a spinal cord injury patient who's not able to do all of this by himself," Tran said.

Louisville Metro Police say Gray is also a suspect in another Louisville case that is currently under investigation.

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