PROSPECT, KY (WDRB) -- It was an idea born out of frustration. A dad flustered that his children's swim goggles kept leaking, pulling hair and pinching their ears.

Dr. Christian Hahn, a Prospect dentist, then began to experiment years ago with ways to build a new swim goggle strap. He turned to neoprene from old wetsuits from his surfing days in California.

"I was worried my kids were going to look like dumbo. I don't want my kids to have dumbo ears. We specifically designed them to stay above the ears," said Dr. Christian Hahn.

Hundreds of attempts, a few design patents later and Frogglez - a new form of recreational swim goggles for children - were born. According to Hahn, he says this has been a success, even in its infancy.

"We just launched the product two weeks ago literally with pre-order delivery due in May," Hahn said.

"I like to solve problems. I looked at this and decided this can't be the best way. I started creating a new strap," said Hahn during an interview Sunday with WDRB News. "Having even pressure right here - keeping it pulling back - that prevents it from getting leakage on the side of the head," Hahn said, demonstrating his product on his seven-year old son, Adler.

The idea was so well-received the Hahn has more than 30 funders from the online startup site Frogglez also placed second during a recent product pitch contest in Boston where Frogglez beat out more than 150 other products.

"We've had calls from companies that I can't really mention that I'm meeting with next week and a couple of weeks. So there is demand for this out there which is great," said Hahn.

Sons Sawyer and Adler and daughter Olivia have all served as models and product testers.

Hahn admits the fruits of his labor didn't swim to the surface overnight.

"It did take a long time to find the right design where the strap is comfortable fits 90 percent of the kids and then they start wearing them," he said.

Hahn says he's hoping a national retailer will pick up the product. He's hoping to have it on the market before summer.