LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Parity was the word in college basketball this season. Anybody could beat anybody. Nobody could hang on to the Number One ranking for more than a couple of possessions.

And when you look at the Final Four teams, you see a pair of four seeds (Michigan, Syracuse), a nine seed (Wichita State) and the pre-tournament favorite (Louisville).

I guess you see parity.

I hate to bust up a good story line, but I've got another statistic to share with you:

All four teams bound for Atlanta have won their four NCAA Tournament games by an average of 10 points or more. Eleven of their combined 16 victories have been by double figures.

That doesn't sound like parity. That sounds like four teams that separated themselves from the teams in their regionals.

Michigan needed overtime to slip past Kansas. Wichita State had a four-point win over Ohio State but led by double figures for most of the game. Syracuse had a six-point win over California but it really wasn't that close. Louisville defeated Oregon by eight, but it didn't feel like an eight-point game.

Here is the average NCAA Tournament winning margin for the four Final Four teams:

LOUSVILLE: 21.8 points.

WICHITA STATE: 10.5 points.

SYRACUSE: 20 points.

MICHIGAN: 15.5 points.

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