Louisville, Ky (WDRB) -- The encouragement for Kevin Ware is coming in all forms, from social media shout outs to T-shirts and even homemade ribbons.

"It was a horrific incident that turned into a reflection of the Cardinal family," said Lindsey Wehr, U of L Digital Media Coordinator.

The social media department at the University of Louisville has been especially busy since Kevin Ware's injury.

The U of L admissions twitter Account is usually very strategic with their tweets but all rules were put aside the moment Ware went down.

"Sunday was just pure emotion so I had one tweet in particular that was just "prayers for Ware. The Card family's behind you. #WinForWare" and it was before I'd even seen it. It was just pure emotion," said Wehr.

That statement has now been retweeted over 700 times and #WinForWare is trending.

Support for Kevin isn't just digital. If you're on U of L's campus, you'll see folks wearing white ribbons. The admissions office has been making them and offering them to students.

"The moment I saw Kevin fall, I fell just like everyone else, broken hearted. About ten minutes later, I thought I have to get everyone involved. We have to support him and I thought we need to make white ribbons," said U of L Admin Assistant DJ Fitzgerald.

DJ Fitzgerald along with some volunteers got right to work making ribbons, painting each one by hand.

"We're turning them out as fast as we can for people across campus," she said.

Their goal is for everyone who attends Saturday's game to be wearing one of their hand made creations.

Ware's fellow Cardinals aren't the only ones who have his back. Even rivals are reaching out.

"We were in the car coming back from Easter service when we heard. We were listening to it on the radio. We all almost cried. We're huge UK fans but we just felt so bad for him," said UK fan Chelsea Pfost.

Fan Outfitters in St. Matthews encouraged customers to come in and sign a giant card at their store while Sports Radio did a live broadcast.

They say the team's performance impacts their business and they want to support however they can.

"They love doing it because it's such a nice gesture and they want to reach out to Kevin. They're excited to give something back to him," said Fan Outfitters Marketing Coordinator Leeanna Webb.

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