Orleans, Ind (WDRB) -- Fire destroys a historic theatre in Orleans, Indiana on Wednesday.

That's just north of Paoli in Orange County where State Road 37 meets 337.

The theatre had sat on the square near the town's only stoplight since the 1930's.

"It's a shame it's gone. I went to the theatre when I was a little boy. It's kind of sad to see it go," said Orleans Assistant Fire Chief Tim Hall.

The fire left behind remnants of the theatre in the rubble like an audio board and old film strips.

The building was vacant when the fire broke out but we're told the owner had big plans for it.

"He's devastated and had been trying to restore the theatre for a number of years and had planned to have an art show here soon," said Orleans Veterinarian Kelly Kirk.

Kirk owns the animal clinic next door. She had to evacuate her building as the flames grew closer.

"About three trips into the building I became overcome with smoke. I had to grab a person trying to help me and went across the street for fresh air," said Kirk.

All animals and people made it out safely. This is the second time fire has threatened her business. She says the last one happened in the early millennium in this same location.

"It was like deja vu to have another business burn right next to my office," she said.

Her building has minor smoke and water damage but she's just thankful it's still standing.

Community members came out to see what's left of the building, sharing fond memories of time spent there.

"It cost a dollar to get in, maybe another 25 cents for popcorn and a coke and to watch a movie," said Tim Hall.

They're hoping the mess will be cleaned up soon because Orleans has their annual Dogwood Festival at the end of April.

One fire fighter was treated for smoke inhalation and the state fire marshal will determine a cause.

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