LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- WDRB has learned that a Louisville man has been charged with abusing a teacher while he was a Jeffersontown High School student in February

The alleged incident took place on Feb. 13. According to a criminal summons, 18-year-old Ronnie Antwon Watkins, Jr. was disrupting class, so the teacher told him to go out into the hallway. Police say Watkins refused, and when the teacher tried to escort him out, Watkins shoved the teacher.

The next day, Watkins was sent to the assistant principal's office, where he was told that the teacher had filed a referral against him. Police say Watkins was "extremely agitated" and left the office, walking in the general direction of that teacher's classroom.

According to the arrest warrant, an officer believed Watkins was going to confront the teacher, so that officer told him to stop -- and when Watkins didn't, the officer grabbed his backpack to stop him. Watkins allegedly tried to slip out of his backpack, but couldn't, and the officer had to display his taser to get Watkins to stop struggling.

As the officer led Watkins back to the assistant principal's office, Watkins allegedly exclaimed, "All of you are going to get yours!"

"He was allowed to telephone his mother, but when his mother put him on hold, he cursed again and slammed the phone down," police say. Police say he called his mother back and cursed at her for putting him on hold.

Police say Watkins was now "highly agitated" and he screamed, jumped up, ran into another room and slammed the door behind him.

At this point, Watkins was told to leave the school. Police say he cursed the school, and then an officer and school security escorted him to the front of the building.

Once outside, police say Watkins jumped onto a trash can and sat down, refusing to leave.

Eventually, police say a bystander who knows Watkins drove up and asked him if he needed a ride. Police say Watkins then turned, cursed school officials and made an obscene gesture.

Watkins was told not to return to school grounds without a parent or he would be arrested for trespassing. A criminal summons was then filed for him to appear in court.

That summons was served this week on Watkins, who was at Louisville Metro Corrections at the time it was served.

Watkins is charged with abuse of a teacher, a felony offense.

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