LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- Skeletal remains found behind a Jeffersonville church last month have been identified as a missing man who lived nearby.

Stephen Reedy had been missing since September of 2011.

On March 29th, Jeffersonville police surrounded a wooded area behind Faith Lutheran Church on Allison Lane, where a groundskeeper discovered skeletal remains.

Early on, the missing persons case involving Stephen Reedy stood out to police.

"We had our suspicions of course early on based on the proximity of the remains to Mr. Reedy's residence and his last known location," says Detective Todd Hollis.

Stephen Reedy was 26-years old when he went missing from his Beech Grove apartment after being served an eviction notice.

His family turned to private investigator, and retired Jeffersonville detective Charles Thompson.

"The family was obviously concerned back then. He was a really troubled man back then and they were worried this would be the outcome," says Charles Thompson, a private investigator.

Both authorities and Charles Thompson searched a nearby wooded area where he was last seen.

"We were unable to locate anything. Unfortunately we didn't search this small wooded area behind me. I wish now we would've. Maybe we could have saved the family a lot of grief...a lot of wait," says Charles Thompson.

But, they say the new developments should help give the family closure.

Authorities say it's hard to tell how Stephen Reedy died, and there wasn't a weapon located nearby.

The Medical Examiner's office had to use his dental record to determine his identity.

"Unfortunately with the time that has passed and the condition of Mr. Reedy's remains making that determination will be quite difficult, if not impossible," says Detective Todd Hollis.

"That's a question that may never get answered," says Charles Thompson.

Although Jeffersonville Police say for the most part this case is wrapped up, they're still encouraging you to give them a call if you have any information.

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