Louisville, KY (WDRB) -- Kentucky says several daycares aren't playing by the rules, so the state is trying to shut them down.

But a Louisville woman who owns two 24-hour daycares says she's not going to let the state shut them down without a fight.  Daycare owner Tyaundra King says, "I just want to tell them that I believe that I've done the best I could do to keep their children safe and happy and the state allegations are false."

King has been getting a lot of questions and concerns from parents. She owns two Community Daycare Centers. The one on Breckinridge Street is currently open and this facility on Cecil Avenue is undergoing a renovation.

The state revoked the license at one of Kings' daycares, the Cecil Avenue location -- and 17 others in the Louisville area.

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services has also stopped paying childcare assistance money to those centers.  The state won't get into specific details, but says the year-long investigation involved altered or falsified documents, including sign-in sheets for children.

King says she hasn't been told what her daycares did wrong. She says, "Of course I feel like it's unfair because I have been doing the right thing, like I said. I do feel it's unfair because I've not intentionally defrauded the state. I have not intentionally defrauded anyone, my parents, my employees. I've been doing the right thing."

The Inspector General says the 18 daycares were identified through a state survey process and through electronic monitoring. The state says they have to appeal by next Tuesday or they will be shut down.

As she hopes to open this daycare in two months, King has hired an attorney and has already filed her appeal. King says, "I want them to see that daycare owners are not all fraudulent. Some of us are truthful. Some of us work hard and we just want you to see our side too."

For now, King says she's waiting on the state for a hearing to be set for her case.

Late Thursday afternoon, the state released this information:


1. Trina's Treehouse II Childcare Center (#L358864)

2. Community Care Center (#L357975)

3. Lil Profits CDC (#L359488)

4. Paytons Funland Childcare (#L359193)

5. A Alphabet Academy Child Care Center (#L374178)

6. Caterpillar Clubhouse (#L357416)

7. El Shaddai Christian Childcare Center II (#L357817)

8. Faith Academy (#L359485)

9. Jellybean Clubhouse Day Care Center (L#356185)

10. Big Happy Family Child Development Center (#L359396)

11. Tyler's Playhouse (#L358596)

12. Tyler's Playhouse (#L359389)

13. Small Smiles Day Care (#L358641)

14. Lil Kings & Queens Development Kingdom (#L358410)

15. Lil Kings & Queens Learning Academy (#L359327)

16. Lil' Kings & Queens Development Kingdom II (#L356325)

OIG has not received an appeal for the two facilities below:

ABC Village Daycare (#L358663)

ABC Village Daycare (#L359081)

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