LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---Home drug testing kits will be handed out in 17 cities across the country, including in Louisville, to help parents discourage their kids from doing drugs.

The First Check home drug test is a kit that tests you for a dozen different drugs.

It's not something you're probably used to seeing in your home, but that's exactly where Rural/Metro Ambulance would like it to be.

It's part of a national effort in partnership with the ambulance service, First Check and notMykid.org, to get parents and kids talking about drugs.

"Getting them drawn into a conversation about making positive choices before they start experimenting is the most proactive way to do it," says John Hultgren with Rural/Metro Ambulance.

At The Healing Place in Louisville, 600 people are getting treatment for their addictions, and that includes young people.

"Our fastest growing population are kids 18-25 years old, and the primary drug of addiction right now is heroin," says Karyn Hascal, President of The Healing Place.

Karyn Hascal, President of The Healing Place, says kids often learn about drugs at an early age from peers, and start experimenting.

She says a frequent and open dialogue between kids and parents is important.

"A constant message from parents can override the message they're getting from their peer group if it's consistent and constant and the parents model appropriate use themselves," says Karyn Hascal.

John Hultgren with Rural/Metro  Ambulance, says April 20th is nationally known to young people as the day to "get high".

He's hoping that parents will pick up a free drug testing kit  and information the day before, and simply talk with their kids about the reasons not to turn to drugs.

"And help give parents tools so they can help their kids make positive choices," says John Hultgren.

Officials have a little more than 100 drug testing kits that they will be handing out next Friday at Rural/Metro Ambulance, located at 3307 Gilmore Industrial Boulevard.

They will be handing them out from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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