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POLICE: Man brutally beaten at Louisville theater during GI-Joe: Retaliation

Posted: Updated: April 17, 2013 04:29 PM EDT
Amanda Stanley Amanda Stanley
Vanessia Stanley Vanessia Stanley
Aaron Billups Aaron Billups
A look at the victim's injuries after the attack. A look at the victim's injuries after the attack.
The victim, whose identity is hidden, speaking with WDRB News. The victim, whose identity is hidden, speaking with WDRB News.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say three people have been charged in an attack at a Louisville movie theater that left one man with a fractured face.

According to arrest reports, it happened at the Rave Cinemas near the interchange between Preston Hwy. and the Gene Snyder Freeway, shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday. The events took place in one of the theaters during a showing of "GI-Joe: Retaliation."

Police say officers were called to the theater after someone reported a fight inside. When officers arrived, they allegedly found a man, "profusely bleeding from a large laceration to the head/eye area." Police say he also had, "multiple bumps on his head from the swelling and could not open his left eye."

The victim identified at least three people -- 23-year-old Aaron A. Billups, 26-year-old Amanda A. Stanley and 28-year-old Vanessia J. Stanley -- as the suspects who attacked him.

According to the arrest reports, the man and his wife were trying to leave the movie theater, when Amanda Stanley spilled a drink on him. Police say Billups then hit the man in the face and shoved him to the floor. Police say that's when Billups and the two women began kicking the victim multiple times.

Both the victim and his wife were begging the suspects to stop, according to police.

The victim -- whom we are only identifying as Richard -- spoke with WDRB News about the attack Monday afternoon.

He said the women, "were kicking and stomping and the whole nine yards. The male was just pounding me with his fists...he wouldn't stop. He just wouldn't stop. And I kept trying to get up and get away, and I was screaming for help trying to get away -- screaming for police or anyone to stop this. Finally one of the patrons of the movie was able to grab this gentleman from on top of me."

"I was thinkin, 'I got to get up,'" he said. "This guy wasn't stopping. He just wasn't going to stop punching."

When officers arrested the suspects, they found that all three were intoxicated, according to the arrest reports. Police say as Amanda Stanley was being arrested, she threatened an officer's life, telling that officer, "she was trained by the military, so she knows how to fight. She is not afraid to take a punch and I have been trained to shoot you in the head."

The man was taken to Norton Audubon Hospital, where a CT scan diagnosed him with a fractured orbital bone, according to the arrest reports.

All three of the suspects were charged with second degree assault and alcohol intoxication in a public place, police say.

At their arraignment Monday morning, Amanda Stanley's attorney argued that the attack was  in self-defense.

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