It may take a while to determine whether the culprits in Monday's "Freedom Day" bombing in Boston are domestic or foreign, but there seems little doubt that this was, indeed, another example of terrorism on American soil. And people – not just in Boston, but across America – are experiencing that same uneasy feeling we associate with memories of Oklahoma City, the Olympic bombing in Atlanta and, of course, 9/11.

That's certainly understandable. Things like this are scary. But it's critical that we keep our heads and not succumb to that fear. 

Sure – some heightened vigilance will be prudent until we know more about the precise nature of these explosions.  But if we let this incident scare us out of taking part in celebrations like Thunder Over Louisville or the Kentucky Derby – or just going about our lives as we normally would in the coming days and weeks -- the perpetrators of these terrible acts will have gotten exactly what they want.

Rather than being frozen by terror, we need to live our lives in defiance of it. And rather than focus on the few who created such havoc, we need to celebrate the many who rushed to help.

A cowardly attack like this isn't typical in America. But the heroic response to it is. Now, the rest is up to us.

That's what we need to remember.

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my…Pont of View.