LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Federal budgets cuts are affecting how people budget their time in the air.  Travelers across the country said they are slowly feeling the aftereffects of furloughs at airports.

Air passengers are usually always in a rush, even when they are standing still on the moving sidewalks at airports.  Several at Louisville International Airport said the furloughs across the nation have not affected them, at least not yet.

Federal budget cuts escalated to airport delays, especially along the East Coast Monday morning.  "I am in a hurry to pretty much wait," said Marquetta Scott. "Sometimes the lines may be long, sometimes maybe they are not, so I have things to do. I bring my laptop and try to stay active."

Scott said the delays and entries through SDF were much better than in Kansas City, a place she frequently flies to.

Federal Aviation Administration officials said the cuts could mean more than just allowing time to get through security before boarding. The FAA launched the furloughs, cutting staffing by 10 percent Sunday.  That means fewer air traffic controllers and agency officials said that could mean delays if there aren't enough people to monitor busy air corridors.

"Traveling today is frustrating at best," said Jim Winn, who flies every week.  "If you are not prepared, it is going to continue to be difficult."

Those coming and going out of Derby City say they haven't hit any speed bumps yet.  One man said his flight to Louisville actually arrived ahead of schedule.

"Very smooth, very nice morning when I left Atlanta and very smooth when I arrived in Louisville around five to ten minutes early," said Ken Weinhardt.

Travelers like Scott and Weinhardt said they are going to stick to the routine of "hurrying up and waiting" to stay on the safe side.

"Even with the furlough, it doesn't affect me because I am here enough prior to be able to get onto my flight," Scott said.

Most who spend a lot of the time in the sky, say to never cut it close.  "I always plan on getting there early," said Weinhardt.  "So unless I find out anything differently, I will just plan on doing what I have been doing for the past 20 years."

Some said they would plan to grin and bear it.  "Easiest thing you can do is get in, be patient, get on with it, if there's delays, well, there's delays," said Winn.

One woman who heard about flight cancellations out of Texas said she planned on changing her trip plans to get to the airport with a lot of time to spare.

"That woman just missed her flight, so I am traveling soon abroad to Mexico and I guess I am going to get there a little earlier, you know, to try and get through it quicker," said Beth Maroules.

All agreed the best plan is to look ahead and pick up the pace. 

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