LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Major changes will soon be hitting Lyndon Fire and Rescue Department, but not for the better.

Lyndon Fire and Rescue has felt the pain of budget cuts for years, but now those hard hitting budget cuts will affect the people the department serves.

In July, the Lyndon Fire and Rescue Department is set to cut back on its staff.

"We're going to be doing the same amount of work, with less people," says Captain Rich Bliven.

The department says the staff cuts won't affect response times to emergencies, but with a smaller crew, it could take the department a little longer to put out a fire or perform search and rescue missions.

To put it in perspective, Bliven tells WDRB that in a standard structure fire the number of responders recommended on a truck is four, but with these recent cuts, it will most likely be three.

The Lyndon Fire and Rescue Department also says it will only respond to the most serious EMS calls. Calls received that are of a less serious nature will be handled by other departments.

For seniors just down the road at Brownsboro Park Independent Living, it means a loss in personalized emergency care.

"They know us, they know the building, they know our residents.and they have such respect for our seniors," says JoAnne Baxter of Brownsboro Park.

With Lyndon responders visiting the community sometimes a couple times a day, the staff says they worry about response time.

"It's hard when you are older and more frail if you have fallen and you have to lay there for a long period of time. Especially if it is a bad fracture and you are in a lot of pain," says Baxter.

With 86% of the budget being labor costs, Lyndon Fire and Rescue have little room for extra expense.

"When we reduce the amount of the rest of the pie that we have to buy equipment and maintain equipment, it makes it difficult to operate a fire service," says Bliven.

The Lyndon Fire Chief explains that the department's hands are tied because the tax code that funds the district hasn't been updated in years.

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