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Residents weigh in on Big Four pet ban

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LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Animals are no longer allowed on the Big Four Bridge.

This comes after months of debate.

Some people WDRB talked to are happy they'll no longer have to dodge dog poop while others think the ban will keep people from visiting the waterfront.

"If you're not banning them from everywhere else, don't ban them from the bridge," said Louisville native Victoria Villier.

Villier blames it on the dog owners who brought their pets here and didn't pick up after them.

"It's irresponsible and yea it's their fault but I think they're losing people that would come to the bridge. Almost everyone I know owns a dog or at least a pet."

Louisville resident Jeremy Smith disagrees.

"It's like little kids. You don't take little kids to certain events and same goes with dogs," said Smith.

Smith has dogs but says he doesn't bring them to places like the bridge for this very reason.

"They have a home and they have a backyard and a dog park. Keep them in those places," Smith told WDRB.

He thinks just as many people will visit the bridge now as they did before.

"If they enjoyed the bridge with a dog, they probably will enjoy the bridge without a dog," he said.

Waterfront Development Corporation officials say they want everyone to remember, pets are still welcome to visit the 85 acre Waterfront Park that surrounds the bridge.

"We still want people to come to the park with their pets, but the bridge just doesn't seem to be a venue that works for pets," said David Karem, Waterfront Development Corporation President.

They believe part of the problem may have been that pet owners didn't realize how long the bridge is.

"The ramp is a quarter of a mile in length. The bridge itself is a half a mile so by the time you get up there with a dog, if you get to the other side of the bridge and back, you're talking about having a mile and a half exercise," he said.

Karem says they started out hoping they could keep pets on the bridge, even participating in efforts to educate people on the importance of picking up after their pets but they say the problem persisted.

No word yet on what types of fines will be given if the rule is violated.

Signage at the base of the bridge will be changed soon.

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